Microsoft’s new studios create Mixed Reality holograms

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Microsoft is opening its first Mixed Reality capture studios in San Francisco and London, allowing developers and creators to create holograms from real life objects. Microsoft has been using its own studio at its Redmond headquarters to capture Buzz Aldrin, Reggie Watts, Max Frost, and Cirque Du Soleil performances and bring them into virtual reality and augmented reality holograms.

The new studios in San Francisco, London, and Redmond will allow third parties to create holograms that can be used on regular 2D screens, a HoloLens device, or even Microsoft’s new Windows Mixed Reality (VR) headsets. Microsoft will be licensing these studios, and it’s likely to be an expensive process to capture items as holograms.

Create holograms from real life

At Mixed Reality Capture Studios, we record holographic video – holograms of dynamic people and performances. Your audiences can interact with your holograms in augmented reality, virtual reality, and on 2D screens.


       Capture human holograms for a range of devices

Whether in immersive or holographic headsets, on mobile phones, or on 2D screens, the holograms we capture from real people and performances will engage your audiences in authentic, impactful ways.


Microsoft’s new studios come just as the augmented reality wars between Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Facebook begin. Tech companies are trying to bring some type of AR experience mainstream, and a tight integration of hardware and software will be key to convince consumers that mixed reality computing is the next major shift beyond PCs, laptops, and smartphones.


Create pioneering mixed reality experiences

We are at the threshold of the next revolution in computing. Microsoft is passionately committed to mixed reality. The possibilities are limitless, and the future will unfold with the energy, ingenuity, and passion of the community. Together, we are on a once in a lifetime journey.

To help fuel this opportunity, we are expanding our investment in technologies that enable the broader ecosystem to create for mixed reality worldwide. Our goal is to reach and support partners, creative agencies, studios, application developers, and others to help them create the most immersive mixed reality content possible.

The San Francisco capture studio, which is located within a Microsoft technical event space in the city’s tech-heavy SoMa neighborhood, welcomes outsiders to visit and make videos. Studio general manager Steve Sullivan says the idea is to have all kinds of people and companies come in and record things—ranging from celebrity or circus performances to virtual patients for doctors to train on. Then this content can be viewed in a number of ways: on headsets like HoloLens, that mix the digital and real worlds, on totally immersive virtual-reality headsets, or on flat screens.

The Microsoft Reactor in San Francisco, located at 680 Folsom in SOMA, will serve as the flagship location for two very important initiatives – Mixed Reality Capture Studio and our Mixed Reality Academy. We want to help MR experts become even more expert. We want to bring together the vibrant and unique perspective of our Bay Area developers. We want to help creators invent cutting-edge experiences that dazzle us in imaginative new ways.

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